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what we do
Transforming an organization can be a challenging task for the management. Based on the fact that an organization thinks inside their own box, externals have a clearer overview which leads to potential for digitization.
After digitizing parts of an organization there will be new potential for automation. By automating business processes it is possible to decrease work load and expenses. Additionally, automated process will lead to time savings so your organization can focus on the actual business goals.
privacy & security
During the process of digitization new risks will arise in terms of data privacy and cyber security. Our team of risk transformation consultants, network architects and software engineers will be focussing on the risks during the complete transformation process of your business.
our services
it consulting
Specialized in IT consulting for educational institutions. Expertise in process automation as well data privacy and cyber security.
custom software development
Our software engineers are specialized in cloud solution development. We support our clients by providing them with in-house developed SaaS solutions.
how we do it
Our IT consultants examine your existing software solutions and the way your employees use them to identify problems in their workflows and in automation.
The consultants design a roadmap and strategy that will help your business take advantage of the latest technologies and defuse your software infrastructure. Then they set software and employee KPIs.
Effective IT consulting services rely on collaboration between the client and the IT consultancy. Our experts closely analyze your workflows and track performance to discover the pain points. Our software engineers then eliminate the disabling elements.
Once the initial goals have been achieved, our IT consultants and software engineers recommend steps for future improvement and help with their implementation.
the transformation process

We analyze your company for missed potential due to missing IT infrastructure.

Afterwards you will be advised by our consultants, which measures can be taken to optimize your business processes.


We develop a concept to bring your company to the top. No matter whether general digitization, process automation or IT security concepts.

Through our agile way of working, you are always in the process of planning, so adjustments can be made at any time, and questions can be eliminated.


Then we will rebuild your company based on the elaborated concept. In doing so, we try to involve all people who are involved in our reconstruction work so that no one falls aside. This includes software implementations, automation of business processes, digitization of the infrastructure as well as advanced training for your employees so that everyone will find their way around after all improvements.

During the often difficult transition to modern IT infrastructure, we are always at your side and are always your reliable partner.

Product Release
digitalLEAD BETA is there!

After a long development time, we have great news:
The official BETA of our new product - the CRM System digitalLEAD - is online! Convince yourself of our strong Marketing Suite from Code Lake!

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